Better resource management with our technology

Our stereo camera technology allows you to scale timber load volumes and conditions, individual logs or goods with considerable precision and in real-time.

Stereo camera technology constitutes the use of two cameras focused on the same object simultaneously.

The camera technology is able to handle a variety of surfaces and materials. It is also possible to measure objects in motion and can cope with large flows without compromising on accuracy.

Most volume scaling takes place in real-time in the actual flow, which had been challenging previously owing to the extremely hefty calculations required to render the images usable for measurement.

About the company

CIND AB employs stereo camera technology licensed from Saab to measure - with considerable accuracy - the volume and condition of, for example, timber stacks, individual logs or goods.

Cind holds a licence pertaining to industrial applications for stereo camera technology from Saab for use in, among other industries, the timber and logistics industries. These are two industries whose scope of requirements perfectly corresponds to the unique product properties offered by stereo camera technology. Cind is also investigating a number of applications in other industries.

Cind AB’s registered office is located in Jönköping and the company has offices in Jönköping and Linköping.