Cind AB is a newly-established company which has developed a range of equipment for volume scaling in industrial applications. Our customers exist primarily within the timber and logistics industries.

The company utilises image processing technology from Saab which builds upon decades of development work originating in missile technology development. The equipment employs stereo camera technology licensed from Saab to measure – with considerable accuracy – the volume and condition of, for example, timber stacks, individual logs or goods. Saab is undoubtedly the best in the world when it comes to this technology.

It has created spin-off companies which utilise this technology in several areas, everything from cartography to industrial measuring. Cind is an example of the latter. The company was founded in 2015 and will deliver the first system to timber industry customers during 2016.

The fact that Cind already had orders for four systems when the company was founded demonstrates the potential of the business.


Cind holds a licence pertaining to industrial applications for stereo camera technology from Saab for use in, among other industries, the timber and logistics industries.

Timber and logistics constitute two industries whose scope of requirements perfectly corresponds to the unique product properties offered by stereo camera technology. Cind is also investigating a number of applications in other industries.

Cind’s products will be marketed in Sweden and internationally. Partly of its own accord but primarily through partnerships with the leading scanner manufacture Microtec, which will serve as Cind’s conduit to the global timber market.


The company comprises an ownership group made up of industrial, private and public investors.

The majority owners are Saab Ventures, Almi Invest and Microtec Holding. Furthermore, the CEO and CTO are company investors.

Cind AB’s registered office is located in Jönköping and the company has offices in Jönköping and Linköping.