Free Flow Measurement of Goods

Our system makes it possible to measure the volume of goods in free flow, i.e. without having to stop the truck.

Cind’s system utilises stereoscopic cameras which are able to measure the volume of an object in motion. Because the system constructs a complete 3D model of the object and the truck, it is possible to separate the goods from e.g. the truck, the driver and pallet during measuring. It is also possible to differentiate between double-stacked goods if there is a reasonable amount of space between the goods, such as a pallet. All of this makes it possible to measure the volume of goods in free flow, i.e. without having to stop the truck. The system’s software automatically compensates if the truck was not driven straight or is not exactly between the cameras.

The image processing technology is able to handle objects of all shapes and most commonplace materials such as cardboard, plastic, steel, wood, etc.

Free flow measurement with stereoscopic cameras is a proven technique that is used with good accuracy in several other applications such as map creation, traffic measurement and within the manufacturing industry.

Furthermore, when the system is integrated in a truck with a built-in scale, weight can also be determined without the need for the truck to stop with the goods. This makes it possible to measure the weight and volume of all goods passing through a terminal without slowing the flow of goods.

The system is able to store measurements locally for a certain amount of time in situations where the overall business system is down.

How it works

  1. The system is installed in a gateway through which the truck drives. The gateway is equipped with three pairs of stereoscopic cameras, one on each side and one directly above. A computer is also installed on the gateway which contains the requisite software for image processing and for communication with the truck, the user and the controlling business system.
  2. If weight measurement is required, then trucks with built-in scales are used. These scales can also be installed on existing trucks. They communicate with the gateway’s computer via a dedicated wireless network.
  3. The gateway is also equipped with an indicator lamp which provides a clear green or red signal displaying the measurement results. The red signal indicates, for example, if the package could not be identified and matched with the weight measurement, or indicates system errors such as a faulty camera or similar.