Cind at Times Square

Having been selected as one of the 33 hottest high-tech startup companies in Sweden we got our moment of fame by having our company name displayed at the largest screen at Times Square in New York.

The true start-up spirit

All high-tech fortune 500 companies tells one or another version of the story "It all started with a few persons in our garage...". So please remember this picture of Cind's core team trying out a mechanical assembly in a garage

Cind signs agreement with BillerudKorsnäs for five facilities

Cind, using technology from the defence and security company Saab, has entered into an agreement with BillerudKorsnäs for the measuring of pulpwood at five facilities in Sweden. With this arrangement in place, Cind has now signed nine contracts during its first year of operations.

Cind’s system for timber measurement on trucks is delivered and approved

Cind AB, utilizing technology from Saab, has delivered a pilot plant to Trätåg for automatic measurement of timber stacks on trucks. The system is linked to SDC's national system for remote measurement of timber trucks. This week the plant received type-approval from Virkesmätningskontroll (VMK) and is now ready to be put into operation.

We are now installing our system for measurement of logs on trucks in Lomsmyren, Sweden

We installed the hardware for our first site of the product TimSpect at Trätågs terminal in Lomsmyren just outside of Mora in Sweden.